08 Feb

The Dangers of Worn-Out Hydraulic Hoses and Tubes

The Dangers of Worn-Out Hydraulic Hoses and Tubes

In the realm of industrial machinery and heavy equipment, hydraulic hoses and tubes form the circulatory system, transferring pressurised fluids to drive mechanical components.

This article explores the importance of good hydraulic hoses and tubes and emphasises the use of hose burst sleeves as a crucial safety measure.

Functionality of Hydraulic Hoses and Tubes:

Hydraulic hoses and tubes are the lifelines of hydraulic systems in Australia, responsible for transmitting hydraulic fluid under high pressure to different components such as cylinders, motors, and valves. Any failure in the hydraulic system will mean downtime and pose significant safety risks.

Safety Implications of Hydraulic Hose Failures:

Hydraulic hose failures can have catastrophic consequences, including fluid spills, equipment damage, fire and even personal injury. A burst hose can release pressurised fluid with immense force, creating a hazardous situation for anyone in the vicinity. The potential for accidents underscores the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of hydraulic hoses and tubes.

Preventive Measures: Hose Burst Sleeves:

To enhance safety and mitigate the risks associated with hydraulic hose failures, the use of hose burst sleeves is imperative. Hose burst sleeves are protective covers that encapsulate hydraulic hoses, providing an additional layer of reinforcement. These sleeves are designed to contain and redirect the force of a burst hose.

Benefits of Hose Burst Sleeves:

  • Enhanced Safety: Hose burst sleeves act as a safeguard, by containing the burst.  These sleeves prevent the release of pressurised fluids, protecting both the equipment and personnel.

  • Extended Hose Life: Hose burst sleeves also contribute to the longevity of hydraulic hoses. They shield hoses from abrasion, UV exposure, and external damage, preventing premature wear and tear.

  • Cost Savings: Investing in hose burst sleeves can result in long-term cost savings by reducing downtime, minimising repair expenses, and avoiding the potential costs associated with accidents and injuries.

Routine Maintenance and Inspection:

While hose burst sleeves provide an additional layer of protection, routine maintenance and inspection of hydraulic hoses and tubes remain crucial.  Addressing minor problems early on can prevent catastrophic failures, and enhance the overall reliability of your hydraulic system.


In the world of industrial machinery, the reliability and safety of hydraulic systems hinge on the proper functioning of hydraulic hoses and tubes. Incorporating hose burst sleeves as a preventive measure adds an extra layer of protection. As industries continue to rely on hydraulic systems for efficient operations, prioritising the maintenance and safety of hydraulic hoses becomes paramount for a secure, and productive working environment.

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