Melbourne Marine Hydraulic Repairs

We understand that the marine industry has unique needs and challenges requiring equipment that is able to withstand tough environments and corrosion.

Hydraulic systems are used throughout the entire marine industry. From tender platforms to rudders for steering. Marine hydraulic equipment is exposed to some of the toughest environments known to man. Which is why we only supply hydraulic products from some of the leading brands such as Hydac. From industrial grade cylinders to custom built power units and stainless steel hoses and fittings, we’ve got you covered.

For performance and safety, your complex marine hydraulic systems must be maintained regularly. This requires skilled, experienced hydraulic technicians who understand the intricacies of marine systems. In short, your vessel needs a trained marine hydraulics technician in order to produce the highest levels of performance.

Fault finding in marine hydraulics requires a good understanding of the entire hydraulic system, which is made up of:

  • The prime mover (engine, electric motor)

  • Hydraulic pump pressure & flow

  • Control gear

  • Relief valve system pressure

  • Motor or cylinder etc.

Flotek Hydraulics are highly experienced when it comes to marine cylinder repairs. We can also come to you to carry out on-site services including troubleshooting a problem, scheduled preventative maintenance, hose replacement, filter changes and oil level checks.

We can inspect and service:

  • Platform cylinders

  • Backstay

  • Boom vang

  • Steering

  • Trim cylinders.

Our purpose built workshop in Williamstown enables us to service these components in-house. So they can be fully tested prior to installation and commissioning, in your vessel. We can purchase or manufacture all the components required to restore your cylinders to as new condition.

Are you replacing back stay cylinders, pontoon cylinders, davit or cylinders?

Flotek can often repair these cylinders for significantly less than new cylinders, regardless of the condition they are in.

Turnaround times in Victoria are around 4 weeks or less. However in an emergency, we can often get your cylinder repaired in less than 1 week. If you want to reduce your cylinder costs across the entire ship, call Flotek to get a Technician on site anywhere in Victoria in less than 48 hours.



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